Kokushi Musou

Tasting summary for July 23, 2017

Brewery: Takasago Shuzo www.takasagoshuzo.com
Address : 17 Miyashita-dori, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido, 070-0030, Japan
Category: Daiginjo
Alcohol : 15% – 16%
Rice Variety: Yamada Nishiki
Polishing Ratio : 40%
SMV : +4.0
Acidity : 1.1
Features : This sake is dry and light-bodied with mellow aroma and rice-forward flavour.   Its aftertaste is crisp and refreshing.   The brewery makes use of Hokkaido’s cold winter conditions to produce sake in the ice dome. Daiginjo sake of this brand undergoes the filtration process that the traditional Drip Separation method is applied. Since the traditional method allows the most precise separation of filtration fractions, high quality sake with fine textures can be produced. Kokushi Musou Daiginjo sake makes good companion for sashimi and sushi.   It can pair with cooked fish too, as the sake reduces the intensity of saltiness and brings out the umami flavour of the food. This sake can be served chilled and warm. If you want to drink it warm, 50C is the best temperature; and it will be a good companion to grilled fish.
Price@LCBO: Not available at the LCBO stores

Tasting Notes : A Men’s Sake



A Men’s Sake

They like Kokushi Musou Daiginjo. It’s a sake for men! Best to pair with Sushi & Sashimi 🍣🍶 We are glad to taste a sake not available at the LCBO.



品酒總結 ☆2017年7月23日☆

酒藏 : 高砂酒造株式会社 www.takasagoshuzo.com
地址 : 日本北海道旭川市宮下通17丁目 070-0030
類別 : 大吟釀
酒精濃度 : 15% – 16% (720ml & 1800ml)
酒米 : 山田錦
精米步合 : 40%
日本酒度 : +4.0
酸度 : 1.1
特點 : 淡麗辛口,米味較濃,入口順滑,餘韻不算長,但回味清新舒爽,被稱為「男人的清酒」。清飲的話,辛口度較高;若佐以食物,則跟刺身和壽司十分相配,不會搶走海鮮的鮮味。建議跟鹹味的食物一起吃,因為能減少酒的辛口度,還能引出一點果味,變得甘辛口平衡很好,又能中和了食物的一些鹹味。此酒適宜冷飲之外,也可暖飲;冷飲的話比較芳香,如果暖飲則淡麗辛口感覺會加深延長,冬天暖飲配燒海鮮一流。
售價@LCBO : LCBO沒有發售

品酒手札 : 男人的清酒








Sake Museum

A mannequin is down on the ground. Why? Because it’s a symbol of a fun place – Sake Museum!





Jizake Tenzan

Tasting summary for July 15, 2017

Brewery: Tenzan Sake Brewer Company www.tenzan.co.jp
Address : 1520 Iwakura Ogi-machi Ogi-shi Saga, Japan
Category: Tokubetsu Junmai Genshu
Alcohol : 18.5% for 300ml & 18.9% for 720ml
Rice Variety: Local Sangano Hana, Reihou
Polishing Ratio : 60%
SMV : +2.0
Acidity : 2.0
Features : Mellow aroma, settled fruity taste, rice-forward flavour, smooth finish. It is powerful, flavourful, rich, earthy and full bodied. It tastes more like a liquor. Best served chilled.   This dry sake pairs well with food having intense flavours such as steak, salted salmon, fried chicken, sukiyaki, tempura tendon.
Price@LCBO: CAN$17.85 for 300ml

CAN$37.45 for 720ml

Tasting Notes : My Cottage Weekend



My Cottage Weekend

Nothing is better than having a bottle of premium sake in hand while enjoying summer vacation in Canada’s cottage country 🍶