Sake and I

I knew how to appreciate alcoholic beverages at a young age. I feel like I was born with it. Until a day I discovered the unmentioned family history…


A Men’s Sake

They like Kokushi Musou Daiginjo. It’s a sake for men! Best to pair with Sushi & Sashimi 🍣🍶 We are glad to taste a sake not available at the LCBO.



品酒總結 ☆2017年7月15日☆

酒藏 : 天山酒造株式会社
地址 : 日本佐賀県小城市小城町岩蔵1520
類別 : 純米原酒
酒精濃度 : 18.5% (300ml) & 18.9% (720ml)
酒米 : 佐賀県產米、麗豐
精米步合 : 60%
日本酒度 : +2.0
酸度 : 2.0
特點 : 香氣清淡柔和,酒味濃郁,酒體醇厚。入口順滑清新,果味不重,但有奢華的稻米味道,屬於辛口酒。天山地酒強調地方色彩,很有米酒的韵味和精髓。當地人喜歡以佐賀牛肉佐酒,在加拿大則吃味道濃郁的牛排配搭,口感應該不錯。其他濃味的食物,例如鹽漬三文魚、炸雞、壽喜燒、天丼等等,也是天山地酒的好搭檔。此酒適宜凍飲。
售價@LCBO : 加幣 $17.85 (300ml)

加幣 $37.45 (720ml)

品酒手札 : 愜意時光



Nanbu Bijin Honjozo

Tasting summary for July 9, 2017

Brewery: Nanbu Bijin Co. Ltd.
Address : Kamicho 13, Fukuoka, Ninohe-shi, Iwate 028-6101, Japan
Category: Honjozo
Alcohol : 15% – 16%
Rice Variety: Hitomebore and others
Polishing Ratio : 60%
SMV : +5
Acidity : 1.3
Features : Gold Medal winner in the Honjozo Category at 2016 IWC. It has a medium body, light cereal aroma, rice and walnut flavours, beautiful aftertaste. It is ideally paired with grilled meat. Savory foods make it taste sweeter, more fruity and fresh.
Price@LCBO: CAN$34.05 for 720ml

Tasting Notes : Interracial Marriage



品酒總結 ☆2017年7月9日☆

酒藏 : 株式会社南部美人
地址 : 日本岩手県二戶市福岡字上町13
類別 : 本釀造
酒精濃度 : 15% – 16%
酒米 : 一見鍾情、其他
精米步合 : 60%
日本酒度 : +5
酸度 : 1.3
特點 : 贏得2016年IWC的本釀造類金賞,酒體中等,淡雅芳香,入口有清淡的米味,滑順流暢,甘辛口平衡得恰到好處,餘韵醇美。跟烤肉是天作之合,鹹味的食物更能把酒的甘甜帶出,口感清新。
售價@LCBO : 加幣 $34.05 (720ml)

品酒手札 : 異族通婚



常說”The marriage of food and wine” , 究竟令人會一見鍾情的日本酒,遇上了西方牛排,會是怎樣的相遇呢?結成一段水乳交融的「幸福婚姻」?還是一場觸目驚心的「異族邂逅」?三日前我便親身經歷了一趟……


Kampai かんぱい!

Good foods and good sake are all in Kampai Toronto – Festival of Sake 2017, the largest sake tasting festival of its kind in Canada.


Yellow Rubber Duck

For some people in Toronto, the giant yellow rubber duck may be their summer highlight, whereas mine is Dassai 50 sake.