Dassai 39

Tasting summary for August 4, 2017

Brewery: Asahishuzo Co., Ltd. www.asahishuzo.ne.jp
Address : 2167-4, Shutomachi Osogoe, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi, 742-0422, Japan
Category: Junmai Daiginjo
Alcohol : 16%
Rice Variety: Yamada Nishiki
Polishing Ratio : 39%
SMV : Not disclosed
Acidity : Not disclosed
Features : Superb fruity fragrance. Balanced with lychee, peach and honey flavours. Mixed fruity flavours stronger than that in Dassai 50. A mild acidity. Fruity-yet-dry. Very smooth, well-balanced and easy to drink. Long after taste and refreshing. Best served chilled. Not necessary to pair with food. If you really want to pair it, best companions are dried fruit, sushi and sashimi. It doesn’t go very well with savoury foods such as potato chips, salty shrimp chips. In terms of cost-performance ratio, Dassai 39 is the highest among other Dassai products.
Price@LCBO: CAN$34.60 (300ml)

Tasting Notes : The Dassai Magic




Being a prodigal girl for one day when I saw Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo on the shelves of the LCBO stores.


獺祭 50

品酒總結 ☆2017年7月2日☆

酒藏 : 旭酒造株式会社 www.asahishuzo.ne.jp
地址 : 日本山口縣岩国市周東町獺越2167-4
類別 : 純米大吟釀
酒精濃度 : 16%
酒米 : 山田錦
精米步合 : 50%
日本酒度 : +3
酸度 : 1.5
特點 : 獺祭系列入門版,濃郁果香,滿口甘甜,入口如絲般滑順流暢,餘韵悠長,令人一喝驚艷,是日本銷量最多的純米大吟釀。
售價 @LCBO : 加幣 $25.50 (300ml)